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Colorful Toys for play-based therapy

Speech Therapy for Kids!

~ They Think It's Play, We Know It's Work ~

At Coastal Pediatric Therapies we believe in treating the child, not the diagnosis. Each child has a unique set of strengths and needs that our speech therapists honor and support. Below is a list of common diagnoses that our pediatric speech therapy team has experience with:

Apraxia  •  Articulation Disorders  •  Phonological Delays & Disorders  •  Stuttering & Fluency
Augmentative & Alternative Communication  •  Language Disorders  •  Late Talkers
Social Skills  •  Executive Function Skills  •  Hearing Impairment  •  Cognitive Skills
Traumatic Brain Injury  •   Voice disorders

Communication Evaluations

In order to learn about your child's current communication skills and challenges, our speech therapy services always begin with an evaluation. Depending on your child's needs, the evaluation may include a combination of the following:

  • Parent and/or child interview

  • Clinical observation

  • Targeted assessment tasks

  • Time for questions


Once the evaluation is complete, we will provide you with a formal evaluation report as well as a care plan if therapy is needed. Care plans are written to include long-term goals (which aim to be met within about one year) and short-term goals (which aim to be met within about six months) to address all primary concerns.

Child needing a communication evaluation due to delayed speech
Child participation in play-based speech therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

At Coastal Pediatric Therapies, we use a child’s work (or play) to introduce new communication skills! Our speech therapy sessions are tailored to the interests and needs of each child to help them make progress and reach their goals. Speech therapy sessions may include tools and activities such as: 

  • Music and songs

  • Exploratory play

  • Interest-based toys

  • High-energy drill activities

  • Movement tasks

  • Arts and crafts


Our sessions are motivating, rewarding, and hands-on. We make sure that speech therapy feels like fun - not like work! Parents and caregivers are always welcome to attend sessions in order to participate, learn, and support their child's growth.

Speech Therapy

  • Using all age-appropriate speech sounds correctly

  • Speaking clearly so that others can understand

  • Gaining confidence

Early Communication

  • Gestures and pointing

  • Turn taking during play

  • Shared attention on an activity

  • Using appropriate eye contact during interactions


  • Saying first words

  • Expanding vocabulary

  • Improving comprehension

  • Increasing sentence length

  • Using mature grammar

Our specialties

Fluency & Stuttering

  • Understanding stuttering

  • Learning strategies to make speech smoother and easier

  • Engaging in speech tasks with less fear and more confidence


  • Determining whether a low-tech or high-tech communication system is needed

  • Education and training for parents to use AAC systems

Social Skills

  • Improving conversational skills

  • Understanding and using body language to communicate

  • Maintain or shifting topics

  • Appropriate social behaviors


  • Developing skills for thinking, planning, & organizing

  • Improving attention & memory

  • Fostering independent task completion & problem solving


  • Using strategies to improve vocal hygiene & breath support

  • Enhanced voice quality

  • Speaking with clarity & confidence in all situations

Hearing Impairment

  • Aural rehabilitation using a hearing device

  • Understanding speech & environmental sounds

  • Developing oral language skills

Children improving communication skills through play-based language therapy

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