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Feeding Therapy for Kids!

~ They Think It's Play, We Know It's Work ~


At Coastal Pediatric Therapies we believe in treating the child, not the diagnosis. Each child has a unique set of strengths and needs that our therapists honor and support. Below is a list of common feeding topics that our pediatric therapy team has experience with:

Transitioning to Solids •  Picky Eating  •  Sensory Food Aversions  •  Autism
Swallowing Disorders  •  Coughing & Choking  •  Oral Motor Weakness  •  Weaning from Tube Feedings
Premature Infants  •  Congenital Abnormalities & Syndromes  •  Oral Apraxia  •  Limited Diet

Comprehensive Evaluations

We will begin by listening to your family's concerns and assessing your child's feeding and swallowing skills. Depending on your child's needs, the evaluation process may include a combination of the following:

  • Parent and/or child interview

  • Clinical observations

  • Feeding assessment tasks

  • Food and liquid trials


We will provide you with a formal evaluation report as well as a care plan if therapy is needed. Care plans are written to include long-term goals (which aim to be met within about one year) and short-term goals (which aim to be met within about six months) to address all primary concerns.

Child having difficulty eating and swallowing
Child eating solid foods during feeding therapy

Feeding & Swallowing Therapy

At Coastal Pediatric Therapies, our goal is to create positive feeding experiences and restore the joy of mealtimes! We combine evidence-based strategies with parent coaching to decrease mealtime tantrums, promote acceptance of new foods, improve positioning and oral skills for eating, and introduce products that can help. Feeding therapy sessions may involve: 

  • Exploring new foods without pressure

  • Chewing, biting, sucking, and drinking practice

  • Strategies for a safer swallow

  • Positioning support for effective eating

  • Parent and caregiver education


Our feeding therapists have extensive training in pediatric dysphagia from a specialist in a top rated hospital. Along with direct therapy, we also coach caregivers to use new strategies at home 5-7 days a week. Home programming is essential to create consistency and optimize your child's success!

Picky Eating &
Food Aversions

  • Exploring non-preferred foods in a playful setting

  • Trying new temperatures, textures, & brands of food

  • Increasing food inventory

  • Participating in family mealtimes with less resistance

  • Dining out successfully

Feeding Tubes &
NPO Status

  • Sustaining a nutritive sucking pattern during infancy

  • Using strategies for safe swallowing

  • Improving oral strength & coordination for feeding

  • Reducing coughing & choking while eating or drinking

Transitioning to
Solid Foods

  • Encouraging food to mouth exploration 

  • Improving ability to chew and bite solid foods

  • Adjusting feeding schedules to promote hunger at mealtimes

  • Successful weaning from breast or bottle milk

Our specialties
Child exploring new foods through play during feeding therapy

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