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Occupational Therapy background

Occupational Therapy for Kids!

~ They Think It's Play, We Know It's Work ~


At Coastal Pediatric Therapies we believe in treating the child, not the diagnosis. Each child has a unique set of strengths and needs that our therapists honor and support. Below is a list of common topics that our pediatric occupational therapy team has experience with:

Sensory Integration  •  Activities of Daily Living  •  Self-Care •  Fine Motor Skills  •  Visual-Motor Integration  •  Bimanual Skills  •  Executive Functioning  •   Emotional Regulation •  ADHD  •  Autism

Comprehensive Evaluations

We will begin by listening to your family's concerns and assessing your child's skills. Depending on your child's needs, the evaluation process may include a combination of the following:

  • Parent and/or child interview

  • Clinical observations during play

  • Structured assessment tasks


We will provide you with a formal evaluation report as well as a care plan if therapy is needed. Care plans are written to include long-term goals (which aim to be met within about one year) and short-term goals (which aim to be met within about six months) to address primary concerns. Goals will be periodically updated based on your child's progress and ongoing needs.

Child with fine motor delays needing occupational therapy services
Child working on sensory integration during occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT)

At Coastal Pediatric Therapies, we help your child play, learn, and complete daily activities with ease! Occupational therapy sessions are busy and full of fun, often involving activities such as: 

  • Swinging, jumping, and moving

  • Practice with self-care activities like dressing, bathing, brushing teeth, doing chores, and following visual schedules

  • Drawing, coloring, and writing

  • Making crafts or building structures

  • Socializing with other children and adults


Whatever skills your child is working on in Occupational Therapy will be incorporated into playful activities in order to reframe the work as fun - because that is how kids learn best! We also provide home exercise programs, sensory diets, self-care charts, recommendations for visual schedules, or written materials that are specifically tailored for your child.

Independent Self-Care

  • Independently dressing, bathing, brushing teeth, and feeding 

  • Completing age-appropriate chores successfully at home

  • Following visual schedules when needed

Sensory Integration

  • Eating foods with varying temperatures and textures

  • Tolerating sensations of clothing, tooth brushing, etc.

  • Using strategies for under- and over-stimulation

Fine Motor &
Bimanual Skills

  • Grasping a utensils for drawing, writing, and self-feeding

  • Using both hands to use scissors, maneuver zippers, fasten or unfasten buttons, etc.

Our specialties

Social & Emotional Regulation

  • Practicing social skills during play

  • Developing coping skills

  • Participating in social role plays to practice common interactions and scenarios

Visual-Motor Integration

  • Developing pre-writing skills

  • Drawing simple or complex shapes

  • Fostering reading and writing skills to support school success

Executive Functioning & Working Memory

  • Sequencing, remembering, and following instructions

  • Simple problem-solving skills

  • Using visual timers and schedules when needed

Child improving fine motor skills through occupational therapy

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