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Physical Therapy background

Physical Therapy for Kids!

~ They Think It's Play, We Know It's Work ~


At Coastal Pediatric Therapies we believe in treating the child, not the diagnosis. Each child has a unique set of strengths and needs that our therapists honor and support. Below is a list of common topics that our pediatric physical therapy team has experience with:

Developmental Delays •  Torticollis  •  Plagiocephaly  •  Autism Spectrum Disorder  •
Neurological Conditions  •  Orthopedic Injuries


Comprehensive Evaluations

We will begin by listening to your family's concerns and assessing your child's physical abilities. Depending on your child's needs, the evaluation process may include a combination of the following:

  • Parent and/or child interview

  • Objective gross motor testing

  • Measurement of joint range of motion

  • Testing of strength, balance, and coordination

  • Postural and gait analysis


We will provide you with a formal evaluation report as well as a care plan if physical therapy is needed. Care plans are written to include long-term goals (which aim to be met within about one year) and short-term goals (which aim to be met within about six months) to address all primary concerns.

Child in physical therapy after orthopedic injury
Child participating in sensory play during physical therapy

Physical Therapy (PT)

At Coastal Pediatric Therapies, we believe that physical therapy should be fun! Our sessions generally start with a proprioceptive activity like the swing, trampoline, or treadmill to increase your child’s readiness for movement, and then we move into therapeutic exercises specific to their goals. Physical therapy sessions may include activities such as:

  • Play-based exercise

  • Yoga concepts

  • Manual therapy

  • Proprioception and sensory play

  • Sports and competitions

  • Neurodevelopmental treatment activities


Together, we can help your child ENJOY movement and physical activities! You are welcome to observe or join in on sessions to learn how to support your child at home. Our physical therapists will always provide new exercises, activities, and ideas on how to practice in a play-based manner to help your child make quicker progress each week.

Muscle Strength

  • Exercise weak muscle groups during play based activities

  • Recover from orthopedic injuries

  • Support participation in sports and physical activities

Balance & Coordination

  • Support muscle groups for posture, standing, and walking 

  • Promote smooth and coordinated movements

  • Improve physical play skills


  • Reduce pain and discomfort during daily activities

  • Improve range of motion for a variety of actions

  • Foster easier movements

Our specialties
Child with motor delays receiving physical therapy services

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